Information Technology

Network Registration (NetReg)

Every year for the fall semester the IT department requires that all devices (computers, smartphones, game consoles, tablets, etc.) that connect to the Amherst network register on the network. Any device not registered will be unable to access the Amherst network or the Internet. The exception is computers that connect to Ethernet ports behind the Amherst Firewall; these do not have to be registered.

Beginning Thursday, August 15th go to the NetReg page ( and “pre-register” your computer and other networking devices for the upcoming year. We strongly recommend that you pre-register your networking devices.

Beginning Wednesday, August 21st, we begin enforcing network registration. From then on, unregistered devices will not be able to connect to the network until they register. When you connect an unregistered device to the network, any browser you open should automatically redirect to the NetReg page. If the redirection doesn’t work, enter the NetReg address:

For more information please consult the NetReg documentation ( on the IT website. If you don’t find the information you need there, please call the Help Desk.

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