The next time you connect to the Amherst network with Amherst Secure or Eduroam you may be prompted to review a security certificate. Please feel free to read and/or accept the certificate information and then continue on to use Amherst Secure and Eduroam as normal.  The notice is legitimate, it is not malware or a virus nor is it indicating a problem with the network. IT is replacing the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates that most wireless clients use to connect to Amherst Secure and Eduroam and this change prompts you to review the new certificate information.

The technical details for those that are intereseted:

IT has replaced the SSL certificates for our radius servers. These certificates were scheduled for revocation by our certificate authority as they had less secure 1024 bit keys. All major certificate authorities are revoking and reissuing certificates for 1024 bit keyed certificates. The new certificates have 2048 bit keys and are more secure and in line with current best practices.