The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) recently honored the IT Department with a Proclamation of Appreciation, passed by a unanimous vote. According to President George Tepe '14, the AAS passed this proclamation, only the second of its kind, in response to IT's "many new initiatives over the past few months."

Student Senate Honors IT

AAS President George Tepe '14 Presents CIO Gayle Barton with the Proclamation

The Association of Amherst Students - Proclamation of Appreciation

Whereas, the IT Department undertook significant projects based on student input that improved campus life for all Amherst students;

Whereas, the IT Department implemented electronic package notification, remote printing, online AC Dollar deposits, HDTV and electronic laundry monitoring; and

Whereas, the IT Department has shown a sincere commitment to collect, consider and address student input;

Now, therefore, the Association of Amherst Students, on behalf of Amherst's student body, commends and expresses appreciation to the Information Technology Department and pledges support in future endeavors.