Beginning Monday, October 14, you will encounter a new login page when you access many IT-supplied web services, including Moodle, the Amherst website, and AC Apps. The new page, which is part of an upgrade to our authentication services, tells you exactly what you are logging into and provides links to our password-reset page and to Help Desk contact information. More importantly—and unlike the old login page—it resizes appropriately to work on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Here's what the page looks like on a full screen (in this example, a Windows desktop running the Chrome browser logging into Moodle):

Image of the Web Login Page

And here's how it appears on smaller screens:

Image of web login screen on a smartphone

Note that just because a login page looks official doesn't mean it is. Please read about how to tell whether the page you are logging into is a legitimate Amherst login page.


Note that if you are already logged into one of the listed services, you will automatically log into any other you access with the same browser without having to reenter your Amherst username and password.

Hosted by Amherst IT    
Service "Log In to" Address Purpose
Amherst website (CMS) College and department websites; profiles; directory; course scheduler; etc.
Card Services ACDollars balance; web laundry
Digital Collections Amherst College digital collections
EZProxy Off-campus access to library databases
FileSender Send and receive very large files
Five Colleges Inc. website Five College Consortium information
AskIT Track your IT Requests
JSTOR/Project MUSE Alumni access to online databases
Moodle Course websites
NetReg Register computers on the network
Online Donor Reports Advancement information
Personal Response System Information Provide rosters for classes using the Personal Response System
Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) Access to academic applications
External Services    
Service "Log In to" Address Purpose
ACApps Online collaboration tools
ACDollars Get Funds (coming soon)   Credit/debit card deposits to ACDollars
Educause IT in higher ed
Five College Library System (Aleph) Access 5C library catalog
Gartner Research AttributeContract IT-related research
Hampshire Moodle site Moodle @ Hampshire College Hampshire course websites Self-paced online tech training
Mount Holyoke Moodle site Mount Holyoke course websites
Quest (Symplicity) Symplicity Basic Shibboleth c02 Search for jobs and internships

Services that do not use the New Login Page

Service URL Purpose
ACDATA Applicant, student, faculty and employee information; online advising and registration; etc.
Amherst College Directory Employee and student contact information
Jobs Apply for jobs at Amherst
Note Planworld, etc.
Outlook Web App or

Web interface to Amherst email