If you are prompted for a login or a license key when you launch an Adobe product on a college-owned computer, you need to apply the Adobe License Fix.


  1. Close all Adobe programs that are running on your computer
  2. Go to Winsoft (the "K:" drive). You must be on campus to access Winsoft.
  3. Run the program named "Adobe_Fix." If you are prompted to allow this program to make changes to your computer, click Yes.  (Note:  You won't actually see anything happen while the fix runs.)
  4. After five seconds, launch the Adobe program that was giving you problems. If it still doesn't run, contact AskIT.


  1. Close all Adobe applications running on your computer.
  2. Open Self Service in the Applications folder. You'll be prompted to enter your Amherst username and password.
  3. Run Adobe Fix.
  4. If your Adobe programs still do not run properly, contact AskIT.


(413-542-2526; askit@amherst.edu; askit.amherst.edu)