July 31, 2019

The new directory goes live on August 15, 2019.

You may set a variety of preferences for your personal profile within the college directory.  Available options depend on your role: student, faculty, or staff. 

Sign in to the directory to select the Profile Preferences button in the upper right. Select whether each element of your Profile is visible to the Public (i.e., beyond Amherst) or to Amherst Only.

Faculty and staff Department Phone and Department Email are always Public. You may wish to enter your division’s information in these fields, if departmental information is not available.

As part of their Personal Information, everyone may set their Pronoun preference by logging into ACData and navigating to the Name Preferences form.  Additionally, everyone may record their name’s Pronunciation in their own voice using the Record name feature. 

Faculty and staff may also enter their credentials, free-form. 

January 14, 2019

The online directory project has three main goals:

  • Be more selective about the data that is provided to the public.
  • Provide more flexibility and clear choices about how and which contact details are shared.
  • Modernize the user interface of the tool.

The new directory will be more restrictive about data elements provided to the public by default, taking into account pre-existing preferences chosen in the existing directory. It will provide clear definitions for the type of visibility of each data element, based on audiences:

  • Public: Viewable by everyone, including non-logged in users.
  • Community: Viewable by only logged-in users (not viewable by the public).
  • Private: Only viewable by the owner of the data.

Aside from full name and basic contact information, students, faculty, and staff will be able to choose which audience is allowed to view many of the data elements that will be available in the new directory.

Information Technology will make announcements closer to the launch of the new directory to provide opportunities to make choices about how directory information is shared. In the meantime, please contact AskIT@amherst.edu if you have any questions.

December 18, 2018

Please stay tuned to upcoming changes to the campus directory. We will soon post more information about how the changes will affect access to information from outside and within campus. Please contact us at AskIT@amherst.edu, if you have any questions or concerns.