Phishing Email Arrived Over the Weekend

Several students, faculty, and staff have received the message below, or a similar message, over the weekend. Please make sure to not visit the link provided in the message and to delete the message, if you receive it. If you visited the link and you signed in using your Amherst College credentials, please reset your password by visiting

Where to Find Senior Faculty Course Evaluations

Students should log onto their My Amherst pages. There, you will find a widget named Course Evaluations that contains links to the evaluations for your courses that are taught by senior faculty members.

"Emergency Notification" is a Phishing Attack

If you receive an email entitled "Emergency Notification" with a PDF attachment of the same name, simply delete the message. It is a phishing attack. 


CRITICAL: Phishing email attempts to steal your Amherst account

November 24, 2015 - 12:15pm
Several campus members have received an email that appears to come from Human Resources. The email informs the recipient of salary changes starting this month, and directs the recipient to a link that supposedly hosts accompanying documents. The site looks like AC Data, and it would be easy to overlook the incorrect web address at the top of the browser. Please do not click on the link provided in the email, and do not provide your Amherst credentials to this site as it is not an Amherst College website.

Microsoft Has Fixed the Windows 7 Update that Crashes Outlook

Yesterday, Microsoft released a security update to Windows 7 that had the unfortunate side effect of  crashing Microsoft Outlook. Last night Microsoft reissued the faulty Windows update (KB3097877). Our testing has confirmed that the new update overwrites the faulty one and fixes the Outlook problem.

Whether or not Outlook is crashing on your computer, you should run Windows update manually until you have no further important updates left to install. How to update Windows 7 manually and keep it up to date automatically.


Email Attachments not Working with Chrome; Problematic with Safari

September 12, 2016

Firefox has dropped support for attachments in Outlook Web App, so the only option is to maximize the attachment window in Safari. While using Safari to read email in Outlook Web App, once you've chosen the file you want to attach, you need to maximize (the green button) the Include Attachments window in order to see the Attach button, which you'll find in the bottom-right corner of the window.

November 9, 2015

Action Required: Update Your Wireless Network Security on October 13

If you use the wireless networks “Amherst_Secure” or “eduroam,” you will need to verify a certificate when you connect to these wireless networks on October 13. You will not be able to connect to these wireless networks until you verify the new certificate, starting on October 13. The current certificate that allows for secure authentication to these wireless networks will expire later this month. When the new certificate is in place on October 13, your computing device (phone, tablet, or laptop) will request verification from you to accept the new certificate. Changes and Campus Training Opportunities

We review our licenses every year and make adjustments to match the verified use across campus. One of the licenses due for renewal is, which is a service that offers educational video courses in software, creative, and business skills. At this time, we are adjusting the agreement with to align with the usage on our campus. Moving forward, we will provide access to on a per-seat basis.

Don’t let Apple’s “El Capitan” endanger your files on Sep 30

Apple plans to release its latest version of OS X, El Capitan, on September 30. We currently support the OS X version known as Yosemite and plan to support El Capitan by June 2016, after the end of the academic year. Last year, faculty and staff members were unable to log into their computers or encountered data loss after upgrading to Yosemite. To avoid such issues, please decline any request from Apple to upgrade to El Capitan. If this affects your teaching and research negatively, please contact us by writing to