Apple iOS 9 to be released on Wednesday, September 16th

Apple plans to release the latest version of their OS for iPads and iPhones, iOS 9, on Wednesday. We have tested iOS 9 with our major systems for compatibility and have found no issues at this time. Apple generally releases follow-up updates soon after a major version upgrade and you may prefer to install the upgrade to iOS 9 once Apple releases their first update to the new OS. If you prefer to do so, you can decline the alert to upgrade to iOS 9 when it first becomes available.

Your Windows Computer May be at Risk: Microsoft Releases Critical Security Update

Microsoft has released a critical security update to address a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. Please update your Windows computer whenever you receive an alert to inform you that new updates are available through Windows Update. You will generally see a popup on the lower right side of your screen when updates for Microsoft Windows are available. Exploitation of this vulnerability could allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system, if the owner views a specially crafted webpage.

Android Phones at Risk of Security Exploit Called Stagefright

A major security flaw that affects Android phones, called Stagefright, has been published. Please make sure to update your phone’s software when prompted so that you receive the latest security updates available for your phone. The security flaw does not affect other phones at this time, such as the iPhone.

You Could Lose Valuable Data - an Announcement about Windows 10

Microsoft plans to release the latest version of their operating system, Windows 10, on July 29. We currently recommend that you do not upgrade to Windows 10 for any computer used to access Amherst College systems. Please decline any requests from Microsoft to reserve or download a copy of the software.

We will test Windows 10 on all College applications and plan to begin the migration to Windows 10 during the summer of 2016, in close coordination with each office. We will schedule workshops to help you become acquainted with the new OS.

Receiving Too Many Unwanted Phone Calls?

We receive reports from time to time from members of our community who are frustrated with the receipt of unwanted phone calls and facsimiles. Occasionally, the the request is made to block incoming calls from particular telephone numbers. Unfortunately, we cannot. We recently came across a great article on the subject and wanted to share it with our community:

Clarification on Purchases of Technology Equipment for the College

We have received several questions about technology purchases as faculty members plan their return and new faculty and staff members join the College, so we wanted to send a clarification about the protocol for technology purchases that include devices and software. All technology purchases should start with IT Support Services, x2526. We are responsible for ordering, the receipt, tracking, and maintenance of all technology resources purchased on behalf of the College.

"Admin Help Desk" Phishing Attempt

Several campus members have received a phishing or fraudulent email designed to have you provide your Amherst log on credentials.  Reminder - never share your Amherst user name and password with anyone. Please keep your passwords private to protect yourself and the security of our network. We do not need your password in order to provide services to your account.

Here is a sample of one of the emails that we recently received:

### Start of Message ###

Credits Issued for Laser Printing

During an internal audit of laser printing charges, we discovered an error that caused the accounting system for laser printing to overcharge during specific conditions since January 2015. We have issued a credit to all accounts affected and will contact each student whose account was overcharged with a separate message. We sincerely apologize for this error. We have taken steps to prevent this kind of error from recurring and will also launch a study over the summer to determine if we need to make any other changes to print accounting.