CORE Team Members

Chair  (vacant)
Paullette Leukhardt (IT), Team Leader
William Kopell (Admissions)
Judy Todd (Advancement)
Suzanne Newby-Estes (Advancement )
Laurie Bouchard (Comptroller)
Marie Fowler (Dean of Faculty)
Robyn Rogers (Office of Student Affairs)
Eric Moulton  (Dining Services)
Jennifer Christian Wright (Financial Aid)
Gail Holt (Financial Aid)
Scott Cole (Facilities Dept)
Kathleen Kilventon (Registrar)
Jesse Barba (Institutional Research)
Heap Sin (Human Resources)
Lindsey VanDoren (Emilly Dickinson Museum)
Philip Chapman-Bell (Human Resources)
Gail Mitchell (Controller)
Janna Behrens (Education Abroad)


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Former Members

Peter Schilling (DIT), (IT), Chair
Gerald Mager (Registrar )
Holly Kosisky (Dean of Students - temporary through Feb 2008)
Heather Mainville (Dean of Students )
Jean Clark (Admissions )
Susan Geissler (Admissions )
Patricia Pelletier (Dean of Faculty)
Linda Serrell (Dean of Students, Career Services)
Helen Vassallo (Athletics)
Judy Foote (Human Resources)
Harrison Gregg (Registrar)
JoAnn Lawrence (Physical Plant)
Lee Barstow (Advancement )
Lisa Stevens (Human Resources)
Ethan Kolek (Institutional Research)
Joe Case (Financial Aid)
Pam Korenewsky (Physical Plant)
Carol Sharick  (Office of Student Affairs, Career Center)
Hanna Spinosa  (Institutional Research)
Alice Simmoneau (Office of Student Affairs)
Elizabeth Lucas (Dining Services)
Doris Naiman (Athletics)