absent: Laurie Bouchard, Heather Mainville, Elizabeth Lucas, Helen Vassallo

guest: David Hamilton

1. follow up for CMS 'accepted appplicants' topic

a. 'deposited-applicants' go live in CMS 2007-04-17

2. course section data for cms dept web pages

a. David's demo of academic dept CMS on the web

b. review list of related questions and issues, see below

3. person - employee/faculty data for cms for dept cms web pages

a. use of formatted name fields (FNM) to store title info when there is no position title or to override HR position title, max. 12 separate entries each 60 characters. will use HR primary position or directory position as the default data. FNM codes TLA, TLB,...TLK, TLL .

b. use of campus organizations to store departmental affiliation info for cms dept web pages, ex. ABIOL, AGERM, etc. need to setup campus org roles as needed for faculty and staff. need to find out more about faculty campus org roles rather than just the three initially designed. will use HR primary position dept as the default data.

c. DEFA office maintain all academic departments (includes PHED) faculty & staff people (current and emeritus) and HR all of the rest of the people (employees, retirees, non-employees) . Initial setup of Academic depts will be done with additional data entry help.

d. on leave info - use the same as for the printed directory, work out the coding with Judy Foote and Patricia Pelletier

4. Security - Peter Schilling provided an update regarding federal legislation that is currently in the senate. This involves college responsibility with data shared with 3rd parties. AC is reviewing its third party contracts. Joe has concerns about 1st party issues such as parents indicating that they want Financial Aid to send sensitive data to their email address.

5. next meeting scheduled for May 11, 2007

6. should we cancel the May 25th meeting (commencement weekend) ? YES

7. some topics moved to next meeting as we ran out of time