November 19, 2019 - 9:15 am to 11:15 am (already occurred)
Frost Library, Lane Room A Level
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Trainer: Mannie White (Pioneer Training)

This workshop contains a variety of quick tips and tricks in Microsoft Excel that will save you hours of time! You'll learn how to add buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar, so the commands you want are at your fingertips. You'll learn how to view all the formulas in a worksheet and how to freeze rows and columns for easier viewing and navigation. You'll practice time-saving shortcuts for selecting, moving, and copying cell, and you'll learn how to use AutoFill to create a series of numbers or dates or to copy formulas. You'll review basic formulas and functions, including the order of operations, absolute references, and AutoSum. You'll learn to fix formatting problems easily with the Format Painter, and how to deal with formatting annoyances like zip codes, centering titles, date formats, etc. The class will also cover sorting and filtering lists, including custom sorts on more than one level. You'll also practice using Excel's extensive (and sometimes confusing) cut and paste options and learn how to copy from Excel to Word as text or as a link that updates automatically. You'll practice preparing a spreadsheet for printing, including setting the print area, scaling, and adding headers and footers. The workshop will also cover new features, such as Flash Fill, Quick Analysis, and "Tell Me" Help. A complete list of keyboard shortcuts is also included.

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Susan May
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