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On-Line Courses

On-line courses come in a wide variety of formats. Some options include:

    • Open access or limited enrollment
    • Credit-bearing or non-credit bearing
    • For-profit or not-for-profit
    • Faculty/TA support or no instructional support of the course
    • Student services or no student support services

MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses

MOOCs are one form of online course.  MOOCs are distinguished by being free, open to anyone, and able to accomodate large numbers of students


  1. edX:
  2. Coursera:
  3. Udacity:

Hybrid/Blended Courses

    • A "blended course" is usually one in which some of the functions of an in-person class are handled in a digital format and class time is reduced. "Blended" and "online" are sometimes used to indicate the use of technology beyond delivery of course materials, such as the replacement of course packs with electronic documents."

Flipped classroom


    • A "flipped classroom" is one in which some functions which were previously done in class are moved outside of class time, such as lectures. ¬†Class time is not reduced and more time is available in-class for discussion and other exercises.
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