IT Begins Moving Individual Buildings to the New Amherst Netowrk

Taking advantage of lessons learned from the pilot move of Seeley Mudd to the new wired (Ethernet) network in October, IT will begin the week of December 2nd to move multiple buildings every week to the new Ethernet network. Here is the schedule for the first two weeks of December:

December 5 - Woodside @ 7:00am
December 6 - Leland @ 7:00am
December 6 - Emily Dickinson Offices (this is their new building) @ 8:00am
December 12 - Charles Drew Dorm @ 7:00am
December 12 - Seymour Shed @ 8:00am
December 13 - Williston Dorm @ 7:00am
December 13 - Emily Dickinson Homestead @ 8:00am
Only wired connections are involved in the building-by-building migration. 
IT has tentatively planned to switch the entire campus to the new wireless network from January 3rd through the 5th. We'll release details as these dates are confirmed.

Network upgrade -- next step November 15

The network upgrade is progressing.  The next major step will occur the morning of Friday, November 15, between 6 am and 8 am.  During IT’s normal weekly maintenance period that morning, as during any technology project, there is always some chance of a brief service outage. If you have any questions about this maintenance, please contact

Seeley Mudd is the first building to move to the new network

On October 26 all the Ethernet ports in Seeley Mudd were moved to the new network. Macintosh users are reminded to use their email address as their username when logging into their computers.

The next step for Seeley Mudd is moving any optical networking components in the building to the new network.

New Amherst Network: What you need to know

August 12, 2019

IMPORTANT: Beginning immediately, everyone should begin using the eduroam WiFi network on campus. Both the Amherst_Secure and Amherst WiFi networks are going away. Be prepared by joining all your WiFi devices to eduroam today!

IMPORTANT: If you use a college-owned Macintosh computer please start logging into the computer with your full Amherst email address as the username instead of simply your Amherst username. You'll still wind up in the same profile on the computer and will see all your usual files and folders, but this change will be necessary to identify you on the new network.

On Thursday, August 15, [postponed until October 26] Seely Mudd will be the first building to cut over to the new network. People with offices in the building will be notified directly about steps they can take to ensure a smooth transition. Only after thorough testing and evaluation of the Seeley Mudd pilot program will be begin cutting over other buildings to the new network. Seeley Mudd was chosen for a variety of reasons, including extensive IT presence in the building and that the building also houses technology that is used elsewhere on campus, so we can detect and address any issues that may arise from the migration. We will contact offices as we proceed with the network migration at other locations, which we expect to resume after add/drop.

Note that after the transition the Amherst and Amherst _Secure networks will not be available in Seeley Mudd. If you have a meeting or other business in the building please prepare in advance by joining your WiFi devices to eduroam.

Network Upgrade Status as of July 30, 2019

UPDATE: As of July 19 all new networking hardware has been installed in campus buildings.

The table lists the status of hardware installation for the new Amherst network as of July 11. We've installed new networking hardware in most buildings, though some large ones--such as the Science Center--remain. 

When we've scheduled when a building will cutover to the new network core, we will publish the information here. The cutover process will result in a disruption of networking services in the affected building.



Building Name New Hardware Cutover Date
Leland Installed  
Powerhouse Installed  
Charles Drew Installed  
Octagon Installed  
Cooper Installed  
Barrett Installed  
Williston Installed  
North Installed  
South Installed  
Appleton Installed  
Charles Pratt Installed  
Morris Pratt Installed  
Woodside Pending  
Garage Installed  
Heat Plant Installed  
Observatory Installed  
Scott House Installed  
Seymour Shed Installed  
Emily Dickinson Homestead Installed  
Grosvenor Installed  
Churchill House (Five Colleges) Installed  
Pontypool Installed  
Alumni House Installed  
Wilson Installed  
Cadigan Installed  
Chapman Installed  
President's House Installed  
Res A (formerly Taplin) Installed  
Bunker Installed  
Morgan Installed  
Porter Installed  
Clark Installed  
Humphries Installed  
Newport House Installed  
Seelye Installed  
Smith Installed  
Fayerweather Installed  
Keefe Health Center Installed  
Jenkins Installed  
Cohan Installed  
Garman Installed  
Beneski Installed  
Marsh Installed  
Plimpton Installed  
Tyler Installed  
Mayo-Smith Installed  
Kirby/Holden Installed  
Stearns Installed  
James Installed  
Seligman Installed  
Mead Installed  
Chapin Installed  
Hitchcock Dorm Installed  
Lipton Installed  
Seeley Mudd Installed  
Merrill/McGuire N/A  
Arms Installed  
Keefe Campus Center Installed  
King Installed  
Moore Installed  
Wieland installed  
Ford Hall Installed  
Greenway B Installed  
Greenway C Installed  
Nicholls Biondi Hall Installed  
Morrow Installed  
Valentine Installed  
Frost Installed  
Gym Installed  
Service Installed  
Science Center Installed  
Webster Installed  
Converse Installed  



Network Upgrade Status as of July 19, 2019

Networking Hardware

The main networking switches for the new network have been installed in all campus buildings. Installation continues for about two dozen secondary switches around campus.

In the near future (tentative date, August 5) we will begin cutting over to the new networking infrastructure, one building at a time. Initially we will do one building a day, but the pace will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the building(s). We will publish the schedule of building cutovers on this page as soon as it becomes available.

Once we begin cutover the College will have some buildings running on the old infrastructure and some on the new. We expect the two networks to interoperate smoothly until we complete the building cutover process.

WiFi Changes

A significant change you will see on the wireless side will be the elimination of the Amherst_Secure WiFi network. The Amherst network will become our guest network, and Eduroam will become the standard, secure WiFi network for the Amherst College community. Eduroam has the same security and performance as Amherst_Secure, with the advantage that if you sign onto Eduroam at Amherst you can then access the Eduroam network on thousands of educational institutions worldwide. 

In anticipation of this change we recommend that you begin using Eduroam as your default WiFi network at Amherst.