Network maintenance, Friday 1/8, 6:00 AM

IT will be performing network maintenance Friday morning, January 8, at 6:00 AM. This maintenance will result in a brief (less than 60 seconds) Internet outage for some campus locations. It may also traffic to off-campus may be negatively affected.  As with any network changes, although no extended service outage is anticipated, there is always a chance of unexpected outages. Please contact or ext. 2526 if you have any questions.

We're on the New Wireless Network!

On Friday, January 3rd the IT department moved all campus buildings to the new WiFi network. 

All members of the College community should use the eduroam wireless network on their computers, tablets, and phones. The thing to remember about eduroam is that the logon username is actually, and not simply your Amherst username.

Any visitors from academic institutions that support eduroam can also connect to eduroam on the Amherst campus provided that they have first connected to eduroam at their home institution.

If you have wireless devices such as game consoles, smart TVs, and video streaming devices that can't connect to eduroam you need to first enroll such devices, then connect them to AmherstGuest.

And if you're a short-term visitor to campus you should connect to AmherstGuest, launch a web browser, and follow the directions to create an account on the Amherst network.