Important News Regarding Migration to New Campus Network

Posted below is a detailed schedule of the network migration for several buildings on campus. This schedule is subject to change, so please stay tuned to the Daily Mammoth, email updates, and this website.

Thursday, May 28 all day -- Pratt Field Press Box
Friday, May 29 all day -- Johnson Chapel

Tuesday, June 2, all day -- Merrill Apartments

Monday, June 8, all day -- 79 South Pleasant
Tuesday, June 9, all day -- 79 South Pleasant
Wednesday, June 10, all day -- Converse Hall
Thursday, June 11, all day -- Frost Library
Friday, June 12, all day -- Frost Library

Monday, June 15, all day -- Converse Hall
Tuesday, June 16, all day -- Alumni Gym
Wednesday, June 17, all day -- Keefe Campus Center
Thursday, June 18, all day -- 40 Dickinson, Service Building, Baseball Press Box, Hitchcock House
Friday, June 19, morning -- Ford Hall
Friday, June 19, afternoon -- Seligman Dorm, Whalen House

Monday, June 22, afternoon -- Bunker
Tuesday, June 23, all day -- Seeley Mudd Building
Thursday, June 25, all day -- Heat Plant Network

Wednesday, July 22, all day -- College Hall

Wednesday, July 29, all day -- Hitchcock House, Ford Hall, Greenway B, Greenway C, Nicholls Biondi Hall

Thursday, August 6, all day -- Frost Library

Thursday, September 24, all day -- Bunker

Tuesday, December 15, morning -- Converse Hall

Wednesday, December 16, morning -- Keefe Campus Center

Thursday, December 17, morning -- Alumni Gymnasium (and adjacent facilities)