IT Staff

Amherst College Information Technology  
Office of the CIO    
  David Hamilton Chief Information Officer  
  Carol Orrell Assistant to the CIO  
Academic Technology Services  
  * OPEN * Director of Academic Technology Services  
  Andy Anderson Academic Technology Specialist  
  Paul Chapin  Academic Technology Specialist  
  Bridget Dahill Interim Assistant Director of Academic Technology Services  
  hari stephen kumar Instructional Designer/Technologist  
  Miodrag Glumac Programmer  
  John Kunhardt Manager, Multimedia Services Multimedia Services
  Josh Baum Multimedia Specialist Multimedia Services
  Chris Slemp Classroom Technology Specialist Multimedia Services
  * OPEN * Associate Manager, Multimedia Services Multimedia Services
  Peter Marvin Senior Multimedia Specialist Multimedia Services
  David Moran Multimedia Specialist Multimedia Services
Administrative Information Systems  
  Sandy Miner Director, Administrative Information Services  
  Marion Cronin Senior Application Developer and System Administrator  
  Monica LaCroix Systems Administrator  
  * OPEN * Database Architect  
  Paullette Leukhardt Asst. Director, Administrative Information Services  
  Doug Meneke Senior Application Developer and Database Administrator   
  Alex Vasovic Senior Application Developer  
IT Communications Infrastructure  
  Steve Judycki Director, IT Communications Infrastructure  
  Bob O'Connor Infrastructure Specialist  
  Ryan Willey Network & Telecommunications Technician  
  * OPEN * Network Specialist  
IT Support Services   
  Luis Hernandez Director, IT Support Services  
  Linda Allen Mobile, Security, and User Training Specialist  
  Edgar Casildo Kermes Technology Fellow  
  Jayne Lovett Senior Techology Operations Specialist  
  Susan May Technology Deployment and User Training Specialist  
  Deb McCulloch Technology Infrastructure Operations Manager  
  Tom Murray Technology Apple Infrastructure Operations Manager  
  Bob Ryan Technology Services Operations Manager  
  Eloy Shepard Printing and Asset Management Specialist/Student Supervisor  
  * OPEN * TBD  
Systems & Networking  
  John Manly Director of Systems & Networking  
  Rob Ansaldo Systems/Network Administrator/Programmer  
  * OPEN * Systems Administrator/Integrator  
  Dave Irwin Systems Administrator  
  Steffen Plotner Systems/Network Administrator/Programmer  
  * OPEN * Junior Systems Administrator  
Web Services ->
  * OPEN *  Director of Web Services  
  Aaron Coburn System Administrator/Programmer  
  Howard Hanna Interim Assistant Director of Web Services  
  Anita Rao  Senior Programmer  
  Jim Reese Web Programmer  
  Dan Wilga Web System Administrator & Programmer