The CMS-driven Amherst website is changing rapidly, with new features and capabilities being added on a weekly basis. To keep you informed about these changes, we've added this Amherst Website Updates feed to the My Portal page of every member of the Amherst community. 

For starters, the next item in this feed (after this announcement) is an article about the new portal and how you can take advantage of its capabilities. Whether you're a student, faculty member, alum, applicant, or staff member, you'll find that the portal is an excellent tool for accessing the places on the Amherst website that are of interest to you. And it works with information feeds outside of Amherst, too.

Among the CMS updates you'll be reading about in the near future are:

  • Updates to the content editor
  • A quiz maker for course websites
  • Announcements of training sessions
  • Tips and tricks
  • and many more!

So use this feed, and others on your Amherst portal, to keep abreast of what's happening on campus and around the world.