How We Engage: 2017-2018 Data

ATS data chart

1292 Faculty & Student Interactions*

51%: Quick Questions, Q&A
34%: In-Class or Institution-wide Workshops
11%: Consultations
4%: Project Support
*Non-unique users

Fall 2018 ATS Flyer (PDF)

Faculty Snapshot, 2017-18

55% of Amherst Faculty Engaged with ATS1


78% of Amherst courses used Moodle to deliver content2


50% of Amherst courses used Moodle for participatory activities3

April 2018 total number of faculty: 291 (223 full-time and 68 part-time)

2 E-reserves and/or syllabus. Amherst faculty also use alternate platforms to develop and deliver course content.

e.g. Discussion forums, wikis, questionnaires, embedding multi-media, or sharing Open Educational Resources.