March - December 2020: ATS’ COVID-19 Response

Between February and December of 2020, faculty had to adapt quickly to design and deliver courses remotely because of COVID-19. During this period, Academic Technology Services (ATS) provided support for almost 95%+ of the faculty teaching courses during Spring and Fall 2020 semesters. 

From the large volume of ATS work, we present below selected examples of faculty work that involved collaboration from ATS. In particular, these examples highlight the rich pedagogical possibilities for synchronous and asynchronous scenarios using academic technology tools.

student working together
Digital Annotation and Collaborative Analysis using Perusall

Featured Faculty: Rhonda Cobham-Sander, Nicola Courtright, Kate Folette, David Hanneke, Sarah Hews, Catherine Infante, Connor Robinson, Frost Library

class meeting
Designing Synchronous Close Reading Activity using Zoom Annotation

Featured Faculty: Anna Abramson

student in zoom class meeting
Strategies for HyFlex Classes: Notes from the Amherst Classroom

Featured Faculty: Ryan Alvarado, Lloyd Barba, Nicola Courtright, Amalia Culiuc, and Catherine Infante

Student studying with coffee in library
Facilitating Consistent Grading of Assessments with Gradescope

Featured Faculty: Nathan Pflueger

students talking
Inclusive Zoom sessions with Auto-transcription using Otter AI

Featured Faculty: Kate Follette, Trent Maxey, Sean Redding