Critical Analysis in Collaborative Settings with Google Apps

Teaching with Technology Lunch

Wednesday, November 20th, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

Mullins/Faerber Rooms, Lewis Sebring, Valentine Hall

Please join us to learn and discuss how Amherst faculty are incorporating Google Apps into their teaching strategies.

Professor Jen Manion of History will share how she uses a shared Google Drive to help students become active practitioners of the discipline and creators of knowledge through rotating class facilitation tasks, building a shared repository of primary sources, and collaboratively generating class discussion topics.

Professor Paul Schroeder Rodriquez of Spanish will share how he uses Google Drive to have students collaboratively annotate course readings and how this led to improved in-class discussions. He will also share how students in his Senior Seminar use Google Sites to create digital portfolios and reflections.

We’ll also have a quick hands-on demo of a collaborative activity using Google Drive. 

Bring your own Google-related tips and questions as well!

This faculty luncheon is organized by Academic Technology Services. Lunch provided for all attendees. 

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