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Karl Loewenstein Touchscreen & Online Exhibits

Faculty: Catherine Epstein
Discipline: History
Technologies: IntuiFace, Photoshop, iMovie, GarageBand, WordPress
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Karl Loewenstein

“Karl Loewenstein and the American Occupation of Germany” is a digital exhibit curated by Professor Catherine Epstein's students during the summer of 2013. The exhibit has two platforms: a touchscreen exhibit on display in the lobby of Frost Library, and an online exhibit created in WordPress: https://blogs.ats.amherst.edu/loewenstein/  

German political scientist and government advisor Karl Loewenstein was regarded as a prominent figure in 20th century Constitutional law. In 1933 he fled Germany and became Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science at Amherst College. He later returned to Germany as a civilian employee of the U.S. occupation government and was instrumental in the de-nazification of Germany, serving as a legal consultant to the More...

Digital Publishing: WordPress

Faculty: Maria Twardy, Victoria Maillo, Paola Zamperini, Hannah Holleman & more
Discipline: Spanish, Sociology, ALSC & more 
Technologies: WordPress, Photoshop, GarageBand, iMovie
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WordPress More and more of the faculty are implementing WordPress blogs as a writing medium in their coursework. WordPress allows students to easily create professionally polished looking websites where course writing extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom and becomes a vibrant entity within the social media context. From online e-magazines, to social activist websites to creative writing collections, the applications for blogs are endless. More...

Cathedral Builder

Cathedral created in Cathedral Builder Faculty: Joel Upton
Discipline: Art & the History of Art
Technologies: Unity3D game engine
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Cathedral Builder is a computer-based platform designed to engage the students directly in the formal, spatial and visual components of cathedral design and construction while accounting verbally for their particular design choices and the necessary implications of those choices. Cathedral Builder in the initial prototype, seeks to engage each student individually and then the class collectively in the complex artistic and moral decisions that comprise the construction of the historical churches and cathedrals of France during the 12th and 13th centuries. But the broader goal of Cathedral Builder is to open a metaphorical path toward the construction of all cathedrals of human aspiration – architectural, social, political, economic, psychological and spiritual. More...

Digital Publishing: e-books

Faculty: Victoria Maillo, Maria Twardy
Discipline: Spanish Language
Technologies: iBooks Author, Garage Band, iMovie
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iBook Cover Page Spanish language classes are publishing their coursework into course e-books showcasing the work of the entire class. Victoria Maillo's Spanish 212: Hispanic World: Past, Present and Future class created a class e-book in which each student contributed a chapter featuring the history and culture of a Spanish speaking country. Each chapter is rich with student written text, video and audio clips, photographs and artwork. Students easily created their chapters using iBooks Author, GarageBand and iMovie. The final course e-book was compiled in iBooks Author. More...

Sim Quabbin

Faculty: Professors Jan Dizard, Tanya Leise, Ethan Clotfelter, and Karena McKinney
Discipline: Biology, Mathematics
Technologies: Unity 3D Game Engine
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Sim Quabbin Image SimQuabbin begins with Geographic Information Systems data to render to scale a four square kilometer section of the Quabbin Reservoir management area. As a tightly controlled watershed that provides the drinking water to the greater Boston area, the Quabbin Reservoir has been a focus of research for over four decades.  Scattered throughout the Quabbin management area are 32 meter square continuous forest inventory (CFI) plots. Since the 1960s, foresters working for the Department of Conservation and Recreation have been generating data for each of these plots on the number and types of tree species, soil quality and other factors thought to have potential impact on the water quality of the Quabbin Reservoir. More...