aBlog2 has been designed and tested on a Linux system running the Apache web server only.

To add aBlog to a web application you will need the following:

  • A basic understanding of creating html pages and specifically how to create and locate div tags on a page.
  • A basic understanding of paths on your server.  In particular, the you need to be able to construct relative paths between different locations on the server.
  • At least a minimal knowledge for how to write JavaScript.  This knowledge does not need to be very deep as most of the requirements will be illustrated on these pages.  However, you must be sufficiently acquainted with html page creation and scripting to be able to duplicate the examples.
  • Access to a database.  The application supports mySQL (http://dev.mysql.com/) and sqlite3 (http://www.sqlite.org/).  Check with your system administrator about what you have available and/or can have installed. If using mySQL, the mySQL server does not have to be on the same machine. Other databases are possible but they may require more coding.  We can make no definitive statements about how easily it would be use other databases.  We worked primarily with mySQL 5.0.8.  You should never need to access the database manually – aBlog2  should handle all the database interfacing.
  • Access to xajax code (http://xajaxproject.org/) and the EXTjs library (http://www.extjs.com/). These are both available as free downloads.  Installation is relatively simple, but consult your system administrator.  Depending on where they want to put them, this may have to be done by the administrator.  We recommend putting both somewhere that is accessible to any future application that may want to use them rather than hiding them away in personal web space. You will need to know where on the server they are located.  The application was written and tested with EXTjs version 3.0.3, but ran successfully with 2.2.  Warning: we're currently have some problems with 3.3.1.  We think this is a problem with our installation of 3.3.1 but using 3.0.3 may be safer. It will not run with the version 4.  Version 3 is available at http://www.sencha.com/learn/legacy/Ext_Version_Archives. We developed and tested with version 0.5 of xajax.
  • Php version 5 or better.  We haven’t tested with anything below 5.  Your system administrator will want to install or upgrade your php version if needed.
  • The aLogin2 software package, if you are using the provided authentication features.  It is possible to modify or even replace aLogin2 (a process referred to as "localizaton") but doing either requires a willingness to modify file that contains stub functions. Some form of authentication is required.  See the authentication page for more information.
  • Ability of create new directories on you server with the correct permissions.  What permissions you'll need will depend on what you are trying to do and how your server is setup.  You may need to work with the systems administrator on this, but the actions required are fairly simple.