Authority Levels

aMapApp3 supports a seven level authority system with the levels indicated by the values 0, 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80. In the aMapApp3 object these levels are presented as "Passerby", "Limited Guest", "Guest", "Limited User", "Full User" (or just "User") and "Administrator".  aMapApp3 uses these levels to determine what each user is allowed to do and to see.  Options inappropriate for the authority of the current user are not displayed and every attempt to modify the underlying databases triggers the server to check the users authority level again.

No Authority(0)Used is cases when the user shouldn't have any access.  The web application should take appropriate action when this value is returned, such as clearing the page or otherwise aborting user access.
Passerby (5)A very limited guest who can not use the file viewer functions.  This was designed for cases where there are copyright issues regarding some of the file contents.
Limited Guest (10)A limited guest can look at any location and read any blog, but they can’t add anything to the map or to a location.
Guest (20)A guest can reply to any blog.
Limited User (40)At this level the user can create new locations on the map, add files to any location they have created, add blog entries to any blog at that location, reply to any blog for any location, delete any files on their location and to delete their location.
Full User (60)This authority gives the user the right to create new locations on the map, to add images to any location, to add blog entries to any location, to reply to any blog, to delete any file from any location and to delete any location.  Given its power it should only be given to trusted individuals or individuals working in close cooperation.
Administrator (80)Accounts with this authority level have full access to all the features of the application. In addition, they have access to administrative functions needed to manage the application.