The Search Database(s) option allows the users to search a database for images to upload.  At the moment, the only database search that is included with aMapApp3 is for flickr.  The web application can be configured either to search the entire flickr database or just a single account.  Note that the flickr interface only supports returning 100 images for a search and it does not promise that the same search will return the same 100 images.

As new searches become available, they will be added to the distribution.

In addition, it is possible to locally define searches for other databases and plug them into the system with minimal coding (beyond writing the search).  See the page on Localization for more information.

The Search Database(s) option will bring up the standard search interface.


The display shows the various files that meet the search criterial on the left. (The odd open spaces are caused by the name display issues).  On the right is the basic information on file.   This will become the initial detail information for the file. If there is no title then the file name becomes the title.

Flickr returns very little information on the files.  In the example above, a localized database search was used.  Unfortunately, the database itself has some issues and the details don't always end up in the correct fields.