While the Moodle platform aims to meet accessibility guidelines, it's important that instructors consider accessibility when adding content, documents, and media to a Moodle site. Here are some resources to help.

Accessibility Links Menu

moodle accessibility links menu screenshot

New in Moodle for Fall 2018 is a menu of useful links for accessible materials.

Accessibility Tools in the Atto Text Editor

Moodle's default text editor, "Atto" contains two built-in accessibility tools. This will let you ensure that any text you add to a description or topic summary will be accessible.

atto accessibility tools screenshot

Accessibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker button (marked with a circular accessibility symbol) brings up an automated accessibility checker which checks for some common errors in the text, such as: 

  • Images with missing or empty alt text
  • Contrast of font color and background color meets WCAG AA guidelines
  • Long blocks of text are sufficiently broken up with headings
  • Tables missing captions and header rows

Screenreader Helper

The screen header helper button (marked with a braille pattern) brings up a tool for screen-reader users. It provides a summary of what text styles, images, and links are used in the text box.

Thanks to Moodle.org for some of this content!