Software on the Computing Cluster

The general-purpose Cluster is running the Unix operating system, specifically Linux as implemented in CentOS (Red Hat Enterprise) version 6. It therefore has all of the usual Unix tools for software development.

The Condor distributed computing system, version 8.6.5, is used to control job execution (complete documentation). Two extra Condor commands are provided:

  • condor_status_pretty: the same as condor_status, but supporting our longer node names. 
  • cluster_nodes: provides a one-line summary of each node's availability in terms of network connectivity and job execution.

Several software packages are installed, including the following:

  • Eclipse, a software integrated development environment;
  • Mathematica, a high-level symbolic and numeric calculation and programming environment, which can be used either with Condor or with its built-in parallel computing system;
  • Octave, a high-level numerical computations language, mostly compatible with Matlab;
  • Octplot, a graphics package for Octave that provides quality Postscript™ and screen graphics;
  • PARI/GP, a computer algebra system designed for fast computations in number theory;
  • PLT Scheme, a list-oriented programming language.
  • Wine, an environment to run Windows-only programs on Unix. This is simplest for programs that run in the command interpreter (Menu Start > Run… and then Open: cmd), but with special arrangements a GUI-only program can be used.

Printing support as the same as on Romulus and Remus (i.e. printer output should go to the queue hp_unix).