A Resource for Amherst College Faculty  •  Compiled by Information Technology and the Center for Teaching & Learning    •   Updated for Spring 2022

Tips for Recording Class Sessions

Due to the recent rise in active COVID-19 cases, many students are now in isolation, and the need to record classes has grown. Based on recommendations from faculty, the ATS and Multimedia Services teams have compiled some tips for recording class sessions.

Resources and Strategies for Online Teaching 

Tech tools, activities, and examples for asynchronous or synchronous online teaching. Aligned with the Summer 2020 ACUE & Amherst College Course Development Seminar, this resource was originally compiled for the 2020-21 academic year and has been updated for Spring 2022.

Resource Archive

The following resources were compiled for the 2020-21 academic year of remote and hybrid learning, and for Fall 2021. We present them as a reference, since many of the flexible and technology-enhanced teaching strategies may still be relevant. 

Strategies & Recommendations for Fall 2021 In-Person Teaching

Amherst faculty who taught in-person during the 2020/21 academic year shared their recommendations for teaching with masks in the classroom, as well as ideas for contingency planning around potential student and/or faculty absences. 

The HyFlex Classroom: Teaching Both Remote and In-Person Students 

Technology recommendations around teaching remote and in-person students including  teaching remote students synchronously with in-person class meetings.

Teaching Spaces

Tech information and resources for thinking about teaching on-campus.

Equipment & Software for Online Teaching

IT-supported options for video conferencing and video production.

Additional Information & Resources