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What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a cloud video platform that will provide the Amherst community with tools for recording, editing, and sharing videos. It is now integrated with Moodle and can be used for sharing any course-related videos, as well as student-produced content. 

Kaltura Features:

  • Record a video or screencast (or combination of your webcam & screen or slides)
  • Auto captioning and option to edit captions for accuracy
  • Searchable, interactive transcripts for videos
  • Basic editing tools: trim, slice, etc.
  • Create video quizzes that pass grades to Moodle
  • Upload and share large video files in Moodle with no size limit

How do I access Kaltura?

Faculty and staff creating media for courses or online programs are encouraged to use Kaltura through Moodle. See below! We suggest starting in your private “My Media” area
. This area lets you upload or record Kaltura content, which you can then insert into your Moodle site in a variety of ways. 

Web Access
Kaltura is available through a standalone web interface at kaltura.amherst.edu. Faculty and staff need to request a "creator" account which will give you access to all the same tools, outside the context of a Moodle site (by default users have View Only access on this site, and there isn't much to view).

Please email askIT@amherst.edu to request access. 

Students: For now, you will likely only use Kaltura if your instructor has created a forum or assignment in which you will post or submit a video. Student Guide for Adding Videos to Forums or Submitting Video Assignments

Getting Started with Kaltura in Moodle

Please see this full course of videos on using Kaltura in Moodle.

Step 1: Go to My Media

A good workflow is to first add or create videos to your private My Media space, and then add them to your Moodle site.

my media  

  • My Media Tutorial Video
  • Toggle open the sidebar menu, and look for the “My Media” link. If you are on the Dashboard, it will be toward the top. If you are in a course page, it might be down a bit. 
  • This opens your “My Media” area which is displaying Kaltura content inside Moodle.
  • Items added or uploaded to My Media are private only to you, and will only be shared when you insert them into a course page. 

Step 2: Upload or Record Content

add new

Here are your options:

  • YouTube: display a YouTube video with fewer distractions for the students (no related videos, etc). The video still lives on YouTube, but it will appear in your My Media area and can be added to courses as needed. 
  • Express Capture: record a webcam video directly from the browser without the need to install any additional software. It will not record your screen.
  • Kaltura Capture: this is a program that you will download to your computer. It will record your webcam and/or screen, and it even has annotation tools to use while recording. The first time you select this option you will be prompted to download the software.
  • Video Quiz: create an interactive video quiz based on a video you’ve added to My Media.
  • Media Upload: upload an existing video or audio file (for example, a Zoom recording).

Video Editing, Options, & Captioning

  • Once your video is uploaded or recorded to My Media, take a look at the options in the Edit Media screen. Edit Video Settings
  • If you need to trim or otherwise edit the video, you can use the Kaltura Video Editor.
  • All videos automatically get automatically captioned in English. 
    • You can edit the captions for improved accuracy, or delete or hide the auto-captions. Captioning is also currently available for videos in Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.
    • Video: Edit Captions

Step 3: Add Videos to Moodle 

There are a few different ways to have a video (or audio, or playlist) appear in your Moodle site.

Option 1: Add to Moodle Page as Kaltura Video Resource

  • Tutorial Video: Add a Kaltura Video Resource to Moodle 
  • This adds a link to the main Moodle site. When the students click it, they will see a page with the video embedded.
  • Click Add an Activity or Resource > Kaltura Video Resource. You will be able to select a video from your My Media.

Option 2: Add a Kaltura Video to a Text Area

  • In the Moodle text editor, there is a button for Kaltura Media.
    kaltura media button
  • This allows you and your students to insert a Kaltura video anywhere that you can type. You can use this method to insert videos into topic sections, forum posts, etc.
  • Click this button, and you’ll be able to select a video from your My Media.

Option 3: Media Gallery

  • Media Gallery Tutorial Video
  • Each course has a “Media Gallery” which is linked to from the sidebar menu (when viewing the course). 
    media gallery
  • You can simply add videos to this gallery, but make sure the students know where to look! 
  • There is an optional Kaltura Media Gallery block you can add to your course if you want it to be more visible.
  • Students cannot upload to the course Media Gallery.
  • The Media Gallery is where you can create playlists. Playlists can then be added as Kaltura Media Resource items to the Moodle page (see below).
    media gallery


Moodle Activities with Kaltura

Kaltura Video Quiz

Media Assignment

Download a Video

Only video owners or co-editors can download a video by default. If you'd like to let viewers or students download your video, please see these instructions for enabling downloading

Downloading Instructions for Video Owners or Co-Editors:

  • From your My Media area, click Edit for the video.
  • On the Edit screen, in the top right corner of the video player, you will see a small download icon.
  • Click that to download the video.
  • Note: if a video was created with Kaltura Capture, and contains both a camera video and a screen capture video, only the screen capture video will download.