What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a cloud video platform that allows faculty and staff to share videos within a Moodle course or with the Amherst community. 

Kaltura Features:

  • Upload and share large video files in Moodle with no size limit
  • Auto captioning and option to edit captions for accuracy
  • Searchable, interactive transcripts for videos
  • Create video quizzes that pass grades to Moodle

How do I access Kaltura?

Faculty and staff creating media for courses are encouraged to use Kaltura through Moodle. We suggest starting in your private “My Media” area. This area lets you upload or record Kaltura content, which you can then insert into your Moodle site in a variety of ways. 

Web Access
Kaltura is also available through a standalone web interface at kaltura.amherst.edu. Videos on kaltura.amherst.edu require an Amherst login to view, but they can be embedded on any webpage for public access. Faculty and staff need to request a "creator" account to upload and share videos on this site. Please email askIT@amherst.edu to request access. 

Students will likely only use Kaltura if your instructor has created a forum or assignment in which you will post or submit a video. Student Guide for Adding Videos to Forums or Submitting Video Assignments

Additional Resources

More About Using Kaltura in Moodle:

The following information applies wherever you use Kaltura (i.e. in Moodle or kaltura.amherst.edu):

Video Captioning & Transcripts

Downloading a Video

Only video owners or co-editors can download a video by default. If you'd like to let viewers or students download your video, please see these instructions for enabling downloading

Downloading Instructions for Video Owners or Co-Editors:

  • In your My Media area (within Moodle, or on kaltura.amherst.edu), click Edit (the pencil icon) next to the video.
  • On the Edit screen, in the top right corner of the video player, you will see a small download icon.
  • Click that to download the video.
  • Note: if a video was created with Kaltura Capture, and contains both a camera video and a screen capture video, only the screen capture video will download.