Creating a New Kaltura Playlist

Note: Playlists can only be created with videos that have already been uploaded to “My Media” (there is no step for uploading new videos when creating a playlist).

When on your course Moodle page, click the icon with three lines in the upper left corner to open the left-side panel:

Screenshot showing icon with three lines that opens the left-side panel

Click on the “Media Gallery” option in the panel that slides out:

Screenshot of Media Gallery option in left-side panel

On the page that opens, click the following "Channel Actions" icon on the right of the page:

Screenshot of Channel Actions icon

Select “Create channel playlist” in the menu:

Screenshot of Create channel playlist option in Channel Actions menu


Enter in the title (can add description and tags, if desired) and click the "Create" button:

Screenshot showing the create playlist window for entering title, description, and tags for playlist

Select videos from the media gallery list by clicking the icon of a green plus sign inside a white circle, next to each desired video:

Screenshot indicating the "add kaltura capture recording" icon to the right of each video

Once desired videos are selected (indicated by the circle becoming green with a white checkmark), click the “Go to Media Gallery” button at the top right:

Screenshot showing the videos have been selected and indicating the "Go to Media Gallery" button at top right

If desired, enter a description and/or tags, and select desired options, then click “Save” button at bottom:

Screenshot of Edit Media Gallery page where a description can be added and indicating the save button at the bottom


A pop up in green will appear at the top of the page which says “The information was saved successfully” - once you see this, click on “Back to Media Gallery” at the bottom:

Screenshot showing the confirmation bar that displays at the top after saving, and indicating the "Back to Media Gallery" button at the bottom


You will see the new playlist in your Media Gallery:

Screenshot of media gallery showing playlist

Adding Kaltura Playlist to Moodle Site

In Moodle, go to the place you want to enter the playlist and click on “+ Add an activity or resource”:

Screenshot indicating the Add an Activity or resource option in Moodle

From the options, click on “Kaltura Video Resource”:

Screenshot of the Kalturan Video Resource option in the add an activity or resource menu

Enter the text you want as the link to the playlist for "Name" (required) and description (optional), then click on the grey “Add media” button lower down the page, in the Video section:

Screenshot of page for "Adding a new Kaltura Video Resource"

At top of the page that opens, click on the “Media Gallery Playlists” tab to switch to it:

Screenshot of where to click to access the the Media Gallery Playlists tab

Click on the green “</> Embed” button to the right of the desired playlist:

Screenshot indicating the "Embed" button for adding the selected playlist

You will return to the activity page for Kaltura Video Resource, and see a preview of the playlist - click on the purple “Save and return to course” button at the bottom:

Screenshot indicating the purple "Save and return to course" button for adding the playlist

The new playlist will appear on the Moodle site as a link with the text that you entered as the "Name" above:

Screenshot showing how the new playlist will appear on the Moodle site

When the link is clicked, a page will open to display the playlist in a media player:

Screenshot of the page that opens when clicking on the new Playlist link in Moodle site

Edit An Existing Playlist

Go to the course Media Gallery (as above).

Click the "Channel Actions" icon on the right of the page and select Edit.
channel actions menu and edit

Click the Playlists tab, and click the Edit pencil icon next to the playlist.
playlists and edit

You can rename the playlist, add videos from your Media Library or the course Media Gallery, reorder videos, or remove them from the playlist. 
edit playlist