September 3, 2020

Over the past week, many faculty and students have observed issues and outages related to the Kaltura Video Platform. Amherst IT would like to share some background on these occurrences and offer reassurance that we expect the service to stabilize.

As demand for hosted video increased exponentially due to the shift to remote learning and working, Kaltura expedited its plans to move from local data centers to cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Moving to AWS dramatically increases the scalability, availability, and security of the video platform. Kaltura originally planned this migration for mid-August, but due to delays they encountered, ended up completing the migration on August 29 and 30 2020. The issues and outages we experienced occurred during the data migration.

Kaltura decided not to delay the migration because, while it was certainly disruptive, continuing to rely on local data centers was not going to be reliable or sustainable for their customers.

Kaltura has several hundred educational customers worldwide and they have all been similarly affected by this situation. While we in the IT department have obviously been dismayed by the outages, we have found Kaltura to be highly responsive and communicative during this crisis.

We are optimistic that once the new AWS-hosted system stabilizes, Kaltura will be reliable and useful, and will provide Amherst faculty and students with a great service for delivering instructional media.

As of today, there are delays and backlogs with transcoding of videos and automatic captions. We are observing that newly uploaded videos may take up to overnight to fully process and be playable.

Kaltura is maintaining that systems will be fully operational and all processing backlogs will be cleared by the morning of Monday, September 7th. You can check the status of Kaltura at any time on

We thank the Amherst community for their patience during this very rough patch in the implementation of a new service!

As always please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.