Explain Everything: A Tool for Creating Educational Presentations — And a Collaborative Whiteboard

Explain Everything is a general-purpose whiteboard application that is exceptionally useful for designing and creating educational videos. You can import PowerPoint slides and other documents and lay them out on the whiteboard, insert other materials such as images and short videos (e.g. of yourself), animate them, draw on them with a number of tools to annotate, add ideas, and provide an in-classroom feel, and turn the end result into a video to share with your students for asynchronous study.

You can also use Explain Everything for synchronous presentations, as an alternative to using smartboards. Use the features described above to set them up, project them to the screen, and then annotate them as you discuss them in class, using your iPad or other tablet computer. And record the presentation for later access by your students!

Here’s a quick video tour of Explain Everything:

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