The Gradescope/Moodle integration creates a link in your Moodle site with which you can create and manage a Gradescope course for your class. It will automatically add students, and you and the students can use the link in Moodle to use Gradescope without needing to log in separately. 

You can also publish grades from Gradescope back to the Moodle Gradebook.

These are brief instructions for folks already familiar with the Gradescope interface, separate documentation is available for using Gradescope. Please contact if you have questions or need more help. 

Add Gradescope to Your Moodle Site

The Gradescope Tool is a single “window” into the Gradescope site that is used for all assignments. So the best place for it is in the top section of the course homepage, and you only need to add it once per course:

  1. Button to add a Gradescope activity Click the button Turn Edit On.
  2. In the section where you want the tool to appear, click Add an Activity or Resource.
  3. In the list of activities and resources, click on the button for Gradescope.
  4. Provide an Activity name (e.g. “Gradescope Assignment”).
  5. Leave everything else as-is and click the button Save and display.
  6. The Gradescope interface will now appear, and if this is the first connection between Moodle and Gradescope for this course, you will be prompted to link to a course within Gradescope.
    1. If you've already created a Gradescope course, click the button An existing Gradescope Course. You will then be provided with a list of your courses from which to choose.
    2. Otherwise, click the button A new Gradescope Course. You will then be prompted to create a new Gradescope course with information provided by Moodle.
  7. Click the button Link Course.
    Dialog to link to a Gradescope course.
  8. In the Gradescope window, in the left-hand list, click Roster and then in the green bar at the bottom click Sync Moodle Roster.
    sync moodle roster

  9. Note the Web address at the top of the browser page; copy it to include it in assignment descriptions. Students can then click on that link to come back to this Gradescope activity to submit their assignments.

Linking Gradescope Assessments and Moodle Activities

Gradescope assessments are all called “assignments”, distinguishing afterward to either a “Homework / Problem Set” or an “Exam / Quiz”. It provides its own descriptions through templates, and has its own submission interface. To include its results in the Moodle Gradebook they must be linked to a specific Gradescope activity within Moodle.

  1. Create a Gradescope Activity in Moodle
    1. Follow the instructions above.
  2. Create the Assignment in Gradescope
    1. In the left-hand list, click on Assignments.
    2. Click on the button New Assignment.
    3. Best practice is for the Assignment Name to be the same as that of the Moodle Gradescope activity, but it’s not required.
    4. Once the assignment is created, in the left-hand list (which you may have to expand by clicking on the button Show Menu), click on the item Settings.
    5. In the page Edit Assignment, in the section MOODLE ASSIGNMENT, click on the button Link.
    6. You will see a drop-down menu of Moodle assignments, quizzes, exams, etc. for the course (not just Gradescope activities), select the one you want.
      Dialog to create a Gradescope assignment
    7. Click on the button Save.
  3. Publish Grades
    After determining grades in Gradescope, in the left-hand list, click on Review Grades, then at the bottom of the page click on the button Post Grades to Moodle.
    Dialog to publish Gradescope grades back to Moodle