Tenured Faculty Course Evaluations


The Tenured Faculty Course Evaluation system makes it easy for tenured faculty to fulfill the course evaluation requirement voted by the faculty. Each semester, all courses taught by a tenured faculty member will have a corresponding CEP-default evaluation form generated automatically. Faculty can decide to use the default form, modify it, use a copy of another webform they own on the website, or select an alternative evaluation method.

The CEP-default evaluations submitted by students will be anonymous and are made visible to the faculty member after all the grades in the course have been submitted.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits: 

Automatic: If you do nothing, the system will automatically generate your evaluation forms and notify your students about when and where to fill them out.

Configurable: If you know how to use the webform module on the website, you can customize the evaluation form or create a new one.

Anonymous: No student information is captured by the default form or displayed to the senior faculty member.

Confidential: Only the senior faculty member has access to her or his evaluation results.



You can use any web browser to access the course evaluation system.

Note that the Custom Form option allows you to modify an existing form or choose one you've already created. Custom evaluation forms require specialized knowledge of webforms used on the Amherst website.

Getting Started

Getting Started: 



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