Room TypeClassroom
Room Function Classroom
Room StyleTeam-based Learning
Number of Seats30
Number of Tables5
Number of Computers13
Equipment Blackboards; Blu-Ray DVD player; Document camera; Flat-screen display; HDMI laptop cable; Mac/Windows desktop computer; Mersive Solstice Pod; Multiple Monitors; Podium: standing; Projector; Region-free Blu-Ray DVD player; Wireless lapel mic

 This is now a team-based learning room.

Webster 102 has 13 PC computers, plus one at the instructor's station.

The monitors on the round tables are just that: monitors. They are not computers. They are for hooking up laptops for larger images.

The 13 computers are around the perimeter of the room. There are 30 chairs at the tables, plus 13 around the perimeter. This room is best for no more than 30 students.