Information Technology

Faculty Computer Committee: Call for Technology-Related Proposals

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The use of technology in teaching and research is an increasingly important component of the academic environment and promises to continue to be in the future. The intent of the Academic Technology Development Program is to allow faculty the opportunity to enhance their teaching or research through collaboration with Information Technology on projects that require technological expertise or innovation.

The Faculty Computer Committee accepts proposals for IT-related projects and, in conjunction with Information Technology, is responsible for reviewing projects and setting priorities involving IT resources.


Applications may be submitted by all full- and part-time members of the Faculty, including those on visiting appointments or on term contracts. Faculty members are eligible to apply regardless of whether they are on sabbatical leave or taking leaves of absence for research reasons. Priority will be given to new applications, as well as to applicants who have not recently been funded under this program. Individuals may not submit more than one proposal at a time.

Proposal preparation

Proposals should be sent to the chair of the Faculty Computer Committee (currently, Jun Ishii). The deadline for project proposals for Fall 2013 is June 15, 2013. In subsequent years, the deadlines will be October 15 for Spring proposals and April 15 for Fall proposals. 

To be eligible for consideration, proposals (limited to 1000 words) must include a broadly accessible description of the project (addressed to a non-specialist audience) and relevant background necessary to place the objectives in a larger context. Applicants should describe the relationship of the project to their immediate or future scholarly activities including, but not limited to, specific courses that are affected, or research outcomes anticipated from collaboration with IT. Proposals should make an explicit and compelling case for the ways in which collaboration with IT will enhance or transform teaching, learning or research.


At the end of the project, award recipients are asked to submit a brief report to the Faculty Computer Committee summarizing the results and outcomes of their project. Applications for new projects by former award recipients will not be considered until a report on past awards has been received.