Information Technology

The Karl Loewenstein Touchscreen and Onlne Exhibits

Technologies: IntuiFace, Photoshop, iMovie, GarageBand, WordPress
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Faculty: Professor Catherine Epstein
Staff: Bridget Dahill, Kelcy Shepherd, Scott Payne
Students: Caitlin Britos '14, James Hall '15, Soo Kim '14, Daniel Schulwolf '14
Discipline: History

Lowenstein Papers

“Karl Loewenstein and the American Occupation of Germany” is a digital exhibit curated by Professor Catherine Epstein's students during the summer of 2013. The exhibit has two platforms: a touchscreen exhibit on display in the lobby of Frost Library, and an online exhibit created in WordPress:

German political scientist and government advisor Karl Loewenstein was regarded as a prominent figure in 20th century Constitutional law. In 1933 he fled Germany and became Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science at Amherst College. He later returned to Germany as a civilian employee of the U.S. occupation government and was instrumental in the de-nazification of Germany, serving as a legal consultant to the Office of Military Government, U.S. Zone (OMGUS) in 1945-1946. 

Funded by a grant from the Mellon Foundation, the students used touchscreen software to create an interactive presentation about Loewenstein’s experience in Germany.   The exhibit features Loewenstein’s personal diary, examples of Loewenstein’s legal work, and reports related to the Occupation period. The touchscreen exhibit is currently on display in the lobby of Frost Library.