Information Technology

Blog Configuration Properties

This object has the following properties,

blogDivThe id of the div tag that will hold the blog."blog_container"
blogOrderAre entries initially sorted in blog order (most recent on top)? If false the entries are initially sorted in discussion order with the most recent on bottomTrue
sortOptionCan the user reverse the sort order.  True means the user can change the sort.False
fileUploadCan the user upload a file with either an entry or comment?False
fileDirPath to image directory.  Can be used to override the configuration file.From configuration file
fileURLPath to image directory expressed as URL.  Can be used to override the configuration file.From configuration file
expandOptionCan the user collapse all the replies to an entry or comment.  The entries can be expanded again by clicking on the expansion iconTrue
contractedIn the initial display are all entries collapsed.  Set to false, all replies and comments will be displayed at startup.
showTitleShould the title be displayed when the bordered display is used.  If true, the instance value will be shown in the window border.True
Should the buttons be displayed.  In odd cases it may be desirable to not display the button and use API calls to control the blog
Should the blog be displayed at configuration time?  In some cases, the div tag that is to hold the blog doesn't exist yet so display would be false.
Can the user see who posted the various entries to the log.  This is intended for situations where privacy would make hidding attribution desirable.True
borderShould be user ExtJS to create a nice border around our blog?True
localArrayAn array containing values to be used by localized authentication functions.  These are passed through to the authentication functions.  Meaningless unless you are localizing authentication in some way.
An empty array
createOpenBy default the Create Blog Entry button is a standard html button, this option allows you to change that. The value should be a html string that will go before the link/button text.  Put the string "%ONCLICK%" where the click action would go.  For example, to turn the buttons into a simple link set this value to "<a href='#' onClick=%ONCLICK%>"."<div class='entryButtonLine'><button class='entryButtonStyle' onClick=%ONCLICK%>"
createClose:Closes the html entry started by createOpen.  In our example, it would be "</a>"."</button></div>"
sortOpenSame as createOpen but for the link that controls the sorting order"<div class='entryButtonLine'><button class='entryButtonStyle' onClick=<button onClick=%ONCLICK%>"
sortCloseSame as createClose."</button></div>"
replyOpenSame as createOpen but for the reply button."<div class='entryButtonLine'><button class='entryButtonStyle' onClick=%ONCLICK%>"
replyCloseSame as createClose."</button></div>"