Propose a New Course


How to add new course in the Course Catalog System.


  1. Go to the Course Catalog Editing System and click on the link to the academic year when the new course would first be offered. Then, click on the link to the subject area of the course.
  2. In the yellow toolbar, click the Add button, then click on the Course link.
  3. Your now presented with a course-editing screen that has the subject area filled out and very little else. At the very least, you must enter a Short Title (no more than 24 characters) and Long Title for the new course, and set its Status for This Year to New. Scroll to the bottom an click Save. The new course will now appear in the course listings.
  4. Before the course can be considered you'll need to edit its listing to include the course number, description, instructor data, and course metadata. You can enter this information when you create the course or later by returning to the course listing and clicking on the edit link next to the course. One item you should not enter is the Datatel ID of the course. This will be supplied by the Registrar's office.
  5. Once the basic information is entered either the faculty member or the ADC can move the course workflow from Proposal to ADC\Faculty. When it's ready for department chair approval the course should be moved to the Dept. Chair workflow.

Regarding new cross-listings, please give the necessary information to your ADC, who will create the new cross-listing.

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