A faculty member who wishes to use television programs or parts of programs for instructional purposes for students enrolled in his/her courses, should follow the steps listed below. These guidelines work best for non-creative content, such as news broadcasts, and less well for creative works such as dramas. In all cases, instructors who cannot find an authorized copy of the program to purchase or a copyright owner or the agent of the copyright owner from whom to request permission should not copy every episode of a program, an entire season of a program, nor re-use the same program semester after semester.


  1. Contact the Acquisitions Department of the Library and request that they purchase the program from an authorized agent of the copyright owner. If the program is available, the Library contacts the faculty member when it arrives and the faculty member submits a digitizing request (step #4). If it is not available, the Acquisitions Department will inform the faculty member and ATS that purchasing options were unsuccessful.
  2. If a copy of the program is not available for purchase, the faculty member should try and can get permission from the copyright owner or an agent representing the copyright owner to use the program as you intend in your course. If permission is obtained, proceed to step #4.
  3. If a copy of the program is not offered for sale and you cannot find a copyright owner or agent to request permission, retain records of the steps you took to do so and proceed to step #4.
  4. Complete the Video Digitization and Screening Request Form