Learn Moodle with Self-Paced Courses for Faculty & Students

We are pleased to offer two new self-paced courses to help faculty and students learn, or get a refresher on, Moodle. These courses were developed by our Moodle host, eThink, and provide interactive overviews of Moodle options and features.

Faculty: Moodle Basics
This course covers:

  • Basic Moodle structure and settings
  • Assignments, for receiving student work
  • Quizzes, for assessments or exams
  • Forums, for class discussions
  • Communication and email options
  • The Moodle Gradebook 

Students: Learner Orientation
This course gives an overview of what students will commonly encounter in Moodle, as well as a space to practice submitting an assignment, posting to a forum, and taking a quiz.

The Moodle Knowledge Base below continues to be a great resource for Moodle tips and Amherst-specific instructions!

Moodle Knowledge Base


Welcome to our Moodle Help Pages

For further assistance you are always welcome to contact the Help Desk at x2526 or enter a ticket on askit.amherst.edu. Thanks!

Go to moodle.amherst.edu
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Adding Course Content

Moodle generally displays content from various reserve systems, and instructors can add additional files, content, or media to a site. 

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Moodle has several features to support instructor-to-student communication, as well as student-to-student communication and sharing. 

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Assignments & Gradebook

Assignments allow students to submit work through Moodle, and the Gradebook lets faculty use Moodle to calculate grades. Use them in combination to save time and streamline your grading workflow!

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Administration and Customization

  • Course formats
  • Site visibility
  • Importing/copying sites
  • Working with blocks
  • Themes
  • Personal profile options.