Access a course

How to access courses currently being taken, taken during previous semester, etc. 


Log into Moodle.

Go to the Navigation block in the upper left of the Moodle display. Expand the My Courses link. Links to all your current courses will appear.

To find links to courses for previous semesters, go to the bottom on the course list and find the link to Past Semesters. Expand that link to show a list of all your previous courses.

Courses for the next semester will appear at some point during a semester. They will generally be listed below the courses for the current semester.

Some courses will appear in a lighter color than others. Courses that are listed in the lighter color are not yet available to the students but are available to the instructor. They will become dark when they are made available to students. If you have set your profile to use Newfallen theme by default, unavailable courses will appear in green italic.

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