Find a Moodle Site

  • Log into Moodle.
  • On the Moodle home page, you will see a list of courses for which you currently have access.
  • To find links to courses for previous semesters, go to the bottom of the course list.
  • Courses for the next semester will appear at some point during a semester. They will generally be listed below the courses for the current semester.
  • Some courses will appear in a lighter color than others. Courses that are listed in the lighter color are not yet available to the students but are available to the instructor. They will become dark when they are made available to students. 

Courses with Sections

If a course has different sections, Moodle will contain an "umbrella" site for the course, as well as a site for each section. For example, if Statistics 135 is being taught in two sections, three Moodle sites will be created:

  1. The site called STAT-135 will enroll the students and instructors in both sections.
  2. The site called STAT-135-01 will enroll the students and instructors in only section 1.
  3. The site called STAT-135-02 will enroll the students and instructors in only section 2.

Any site not being used can be made not visible to students to avoid confusion.

Courses Not Yet Approved 

  • If course offerings are added over the summer, they will not get a Moodle site until shortly before the start of the semester.
  • College policy requires all courses to undergo committee review before they can have E-Reserve and Moodle sites created for them.
  • If this is the case for your course, you can review the course catalog tool to see where it is in process, and work with the registrar to help move it through the approval process.

Other Problems with Moodle access, or not seeing the moodle sites you expect? 




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