Each Moodle site comes pre-populated with links to display the print, electronic, and video reserves associated with your course. There are many other options for adding material to your site. Here's a look at a typical Moodle site:

site resources

  1. Print Reserves: Links to a list of physical items currently on reserve in the library
  2. E-Reserves: Links to a list of electronic readings and resources in the E-Reserves system
  3. Video Reserves: Links to a list of streaming videos in the Video Reserves system
  4. Uploaded file: Faculty can upload files, such as a syllabus directly to Moodle
  5. Topic/Section Name: Defaults to a weekly format, but can be changed (when editing is turned on, just click it & type)
  6. Topic/Section Summary: Add text, links, or media to each topic section
  7. Image or Video: Add an image or a video to display on your site
  8. Folder: Contains multiple files
  9. Page: A sub-page of your site that can contain text, links and media