Design & Deliver Interactive Learning Materials

As of January 2020, faculty may add interactive activities to Moodle using the H5P Interactive Content plugin. H5P is a set of open-source tools for creating interactive HTML5 content.

Two types of activities are currently available: Interactive Video and Image Hotspot.

See them in action on our H5P Examples Moodle Page (AC login required).

Interactive Video

  • This can be used to insert quizzes into a video, in order to gauge understanding and/or ensure that students are watching.
  • You can also add text annotations, links, and even options to jump to different parts of the video.
  • The player has great accessibility features such as captioning support and playback speed adjustment.
  • While this activity will pass quiz results back to the Moodle gradebook, due to its experimental nature we don’t recommend using it for high-stakes graded activities.

interactive video
A quiz question within an interactive video.

Image Hotspots 

This activity lets you add pop-up notes to an image, whether to give context to a work of art or point out necessary elements of a scientific chart.

image hotspots
An interactive image from the Department of Biology. This is just a screenshot- visit our Moodle demo site for the full interactive version!

Add an Interactive Activity to your Moodle Site

To get started, go to your Moodle site and Turn Editing On. Then, click the Add an Activity or Resource menu in the section of your choice. Select Interactive Content and click add.
add interactive content

Select either Interactive Video or Image Hotspots in the Editor box. Note that the Multiple Choice and Fill In the Black options are for use within the Interactive Video activity and are not very useful on their own.
select an activity

You will then build your activity in the box provided. There are many features and options for each activity, do check out the tutorial link offered for detailed instructions, or contact for help. Click Save and Return to Course when you are finished.
create and save

To make further changes to your activity, click the Edit menu next to it and select Edit settings. You will return to the set-up screen.
edit settings

Let us know how it goes!