Faculty can add any type of file to your Moodle site for students to download. Note that there is a 400MB per-file limit, if your file is larger we recommend using Google Drive instead.

  1. Turn on editing using the button in the top menu bar.

  2. Drag the file from your computer to the Moodle window in your browser. You can only add files near the bottom of a section in your course. You'll know you've dragged to the correct place when a Add file(s) here message appears.

    drag to upload file
  3. Once you've added your file you can move it to another location in your course by dragging it by the  drag and drop icon  icon to the left of the file name. 
  4. Initially the original file name will be displayed.  You can change this by using the Edit name icon.  icon that follows your file name.