There are many ways to add a video to Moodle, whether as a resource on a Moodle site or embedded in a forum post.

Embed a YouTube or Vimeo Video

This is simple: copy the URL of the video, and paste it into a topic summary or forum post (or anywhere you have a text editor) in Moodle. The video will automatically embed. 

Record or Upload a Video with Kaltura

Record a Video with the Moodle Recorder

Almost any place in Moodle where you can add text using the text editor, you can include an audio or video file that you record with your computer.

Note that you can have students record video for an assignment or quiz by using the Online Text Assignment, or an Essay Question within a Quiz!

Technical Requirements for our Video Recorder: 

  • Chrome or Firefox browsers only
  • The recorder will not work on iPhone, iPad, or Safari browsers, sorry!

To access the record button, please expand your text editor toolbar and look for the "Record Video" or "Record Audio" button:


record video button

You will be prompted to start recording (up to five minutes) and then to "attach the recording", ie insert it into the text box.

Insert a Video File (or Audio File)

Use this method when you have a media file on your computer that you want to upload and show in Moodle. Note that the max size per file upload is 400MB. This method works wherever you have a text editor available (topic summary, forum post, page, etc).

Click the Insert Media button in the text editor.

media button

Click the Video or Audio tab and then the Browse Repositories button.

browse repositories

Upload your File

file picker

Click Insert. The editor window will show a link, which will appear as a video when saved and displayed.