The Moodle Assignment activity provides three main functions:

  1. Share information about, and set due dates for, class assignments.
  2. Provide a place for students to upload work to Moodle. This can be in the form of a single file, multiple files, media or online text. Submissions are only visible to instructors. To let students share work with each other, use a forum instead. 
  3. Allow faculty to review, grade and return feedback on submissions. Timesaving options include annotating submissions directly in Moodle, or downloading, reviewing, and returning files en masse.

Creating an assignment

From your course page, turn editing on and go to the Topic or Week in which you want to add the assignment.

Click on the Add an activity menu and select Assignment.

Give the assignment a name and description (ie what the students need to do), and add any related files.


Availability Options

availability options

  • You can leave the Allow submissions from menus alone, it defaults to being immediately available to students.
  • Set a Due date and time. 
  • Optional: enable and set a Cut-off date and the students will NOT be able to upload their files after that time (you can grant extensions as needed).

Submission Options

submission options

  • The default is to allow students to upload one file, but you change the maxiumum number of files menu to allow more. You can also give students an Online Text box to type into, or to record audio or video using the text editor tools.
  • Online text lets students type directly into Moodle, or submit an audio or video recording.
  • One assignment can accept multiple submission types.
  • Note that the the A/V recorder has been retired.  

 Feedback Options

feedback options

  • The default is that faculty can leave feedback comments and/or send a feedback file (ie Word document with comments) to the student through Moodle.
  • You can also enable the Offline grading worksheet which allows you to download an excel file, record grades, and upload that file back to Moodle to automatically grade all students.

Grade Options


  • Specify the number of points for the assignment (or in the Type menu select "none" if it isn't graded at all).
  • If graded, an item will automatically be added to the gradebook.
  • If you use categories in the gradebook,  specify which category to put the grade for this assignment in.

Remember to click on either the Save and return to course or Save and display button when done!

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