The method below uses Moodle's built-in video recorder. Another option for the same purpose is the Kaltura Media Assignment (new in Fall 2020).

To get started, follow the first couple steps on this page to create an assignment

Then, while you're still on the assignment set-up/editing screen, under Submission types check Online Text and uncheck File Submission.

submission types options

We suggest sharing the instructions below with the students (they can be copy/pasted into the assignment description).

Here's a video from Moodle about the recorder:

Recording Instructions for Students 

Technical Requirements for our Video Recorder:

  • Chrome or Firefox browsers only
  • The recorder will not work on iPhone, iPad, or Safari browsers. Sorry!

To access the record button, please expand your text editor toolbar and look for the "Record Video" button:

record video button in moodle

You'll have the option to re-record, or simply delete your recording from the text box.

Be sure to save your post, or submit your assignment!