Click on the link for the assignment, and click the View All Submissions button.
view all submissions

On the next screen you will see a table of students and their submissions.

The Grading action menu at the top gives you bulk options, like downloading all submissions at once
grading action menu

The table below contains a list of students and their submissions.
student submissions

  • You will need to scroll to the right (scroll bar is at the bottom) to see all the columns.
  • Click the links to the files to download them (or use the Grading action menu to download them all).
  • Click the "Grade" button to individually enter grades and comments, upload feedback files, or annotate submissions.
  • If you click on the dash icon right below a column header you can collapse that column to save space.
  • The actual grade is displayed at the extreme right of the table.

Quick Grading

In the Options section below the table you can enable Quick Grading.
quick grading checkbox

This lets you enter grades directly into the table. Remember to click Save when you are done!
quick grading

Change to Notify students menu to “yes” if you want to students to be notified of quick grading changes.

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