About NameCoach

The Amherst Moodle now has an integration of NameCoach, a service that aims to solve the common problem of name mispronunciation. 

Recording Your Name

Note that you will only need to record your name once, and the recording will appear in any other course or service using NameCoach.

Go to the Moodle site for your class and click the "NameCoach" link.

namecoach link

This will open the NameCoach interface. Click the "Record Name" button. 
record name button

There are two options for recording: over the phone, and with your computer.

To record over the phone, leave "Phone" selected, enter your phone number, and click Submit and Call Me. Your phone will ring and you will be prompted to record your name. 
phone recording

To record with your computer, select Web Recorder and click Record. Note that your browser will likely ask for permission to use your microphone- click "Allow". 
web recorder

Once you have successfully recorded your name, you can listen to your recording. To re-record it, click "Edit this recording". 
finished recording

Viewing Recorded Names

Below the recorder, you will see a list of class participants who have provided name recordings. Faculty will also see an "Actions" column, which they can use to email students about their recordings. 

roster view

Faculty can send an email reminder to students who have not yet recorded their name by clicking the "Unrecorded Names" tab and clicking "Remind All". 
remind students