Additional Resource: Zoom for Teaching and Learning FAQ

  • Faculty using Zoom through Moodle will automatically get a "Licensed" account with no time limit on meetings.
  • Students do not need a Zoom account to participate.
  • You will be prompted to download and install the Zoom application if you haven't already. Allow a few extra minutes for this at the start of your first meeting.
  • Faculty and students are strongly encouraged to try the Zoom test meeting and test your connection, camera and microphone. 


Add Zoom Meetings to Your Moodle Site

1. Click the "Zoom" link in Moodle.

It will be at the bottom of the top-most section. You only need one link per course, multiple links will just direct to the same interface and list of scheduled meetings.
zoom link  

2. Create Your Zoom Account (if prompted).

If you haven't used Zoom at Amherst before, you will be prompted to check your email. In the email message, click "Activate Your Zoom Account".
zoom email

If you get an error message on this screen, visit and log in. Follow the prompts to switch your account to be affiliated with Amherst. 

Back in Moodle, simply refresh the page, or click elsewhere and back into the Zoom meeting.  

3. Schedule a Zoom Meeting

You will see the Zoom interface and can the "Schedule a New Meeting" button. Training videos are available with the "Get Training" link.

Main things to set when scheduling a meeting:

  • Date, Time & Duration
    • If you are currently outside the EST time zone, double check that the meeting time and time zone is EST.
  • Recurring meeting options (if you want to set it up for the whole semester)
  • Enable “Join before host”, if you want students to be able to join before you or without you.
  • Password, for enhanced security. You will not need to tell students the password if they join through Moodle. 

schedule meeting

4. Start the Meeting

start meeting

You can start a meeting immediately after scheduling if needed. 

Recording a Meeting

You may want to record the meeting and upload the video to Moodle for students who weren't able to attend. Note that "Cloud Recording" is not enabled so please disregard that tab in the Zoom interface. 

Additional Meeting Options

Log in at and click Settings to enable additional meeting options like Breakout Rooms and File Transfers. Once enabled in your account, they will be available whenever you start a meeting through Moodle.

Advice for Students 

  • To enter the web meeting, simply click the link in Moodle and click "Join" for the scheduled meeting.
  • Test beforehand (do not have first class be the first time you try Zoom!)
  • Use earbuds or headphones with mic if possible.
  • Mute your mic when not speaking, especially if typing!